ASIC Design Services

FACET design operation

FACET design team specializes in designing cutting-edge ASICs for a wide range of applications. We provide to our customers high quality, first-time-right designs in a short time frame. Analog and digital engineers form project teams to develop your dedicated integrated circuit. Wecan create a completely new ASIC design or to transfer obsolete products depend on your need.

Creating a new design

We can provide a turnkey ASIC solution – from feasibility study to tape-out delivery to foundry. The design process involves the following activities:

  • Feasibility study
  • Circuit specification
  • Foundry interface
  • Analog, digital and mixed-signals design and simulations
  • Layout and physical verification
  • Layout simulations with parasitic extraction (xRC)
  • Test specification

Transfer of obsolete products to an ASIC

This is a method to clone an obsolete analog, digital or mixed-signal ICs on a currently available silicon process. The goal is to replicate the same form-factor and pin out as well as all electrical characteristics and functionality.

  • Rewriting specification
  • Validation through hardware simulation in application
  • Full characterization through test with cross comparison with original device

Whether you want to create your own ASIC, or you simply want to transfer an existing design to ASIC – FACET can help, just contact us!

ASIC Design Experience


The most important factor in choosing a partner for an ASIC project is the experience and professionalism of the design team. FACET design team has experience with a wide range of technologies including:

  • High Voltage
  • Deep submicron digital architectures
  • High temperature modelisation
  • Radiation Hardened (Rad Hard)

Our skilled ASIC team comprises analog and digital designers with more than a decade in the field. Part of team experience is:

  • PLL
  • Data converters: ADCs, DACs, Delta Sigma Converter
  • Bandgap reference
  • Low drop voltage regulators (LDO)
  • RC and XTAL oscillators
  • Amplifiers: rail-to-rail opamp, LNA
  • Voltage supervisor
  • Comparators (high speed, low power)
  • DC-DC convertors