Semiconductor Testing

We Guarantee the highest quality for your ICs.

Test facility.

FACET operates state-of-the-art microelectronics testing facility located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our test room is equipped with wafer probers, Automated testers, component handlers, thermo stream machines, as well as microscopes for visual inspection of the products. All this enables us to precisely reproduce the logic of ICs electric signals and simultaneously interpret test results.

Testing experience.

FACET has many years of experience in the field of automatic testing of ICs. Over the years, our team has developed more than 100 test programs for wide range of products. We coordinate the development and debug activities of the test sequence with your project schedule in order to deliver tested components on time.

FACET uses modern and versatile Automatic Test equipment (ATE) with the ability to test analogue, digital and mixed-signal ICs and we also offer optimization of the test solution according to your specific application.

Our highly-experienced employees take care of the complete range of development and semiconductor testing processes: from wafer, to qualification testing, through to final test of packaged devices.

Temperature testing.

In addition to the regular testing at ambient temperature, we also offer testing of ICs under temperatures ranging from -55°C to 225°C. This is type of test is very important for validating the operation of products that will work in harsh environment.  

Test engineering services:

  • Test Program Development (TPD)
  • Production test
  • Qualification and burn-in test
  • thermal cycling life testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Test optimization