Application Laboratory

FACET Application laboratory with his four people team interfaces with test engineering and production, and is responsible for:

  • support of customer or catalogue products;
  • initial hardware-oriented characterization;
  • application validation and application report;
  • follow-up of burn-in, life cycle and temperature stress using the available test equipment;
  • qualification of IC and electronic modules.

FACET Application laboratory main competences are:

  • design of FPGA using VHDL;
  • design of microcontroller firmware using C++ programming language;
  • prototyping of custom specific integrated circuits;
  • development and industrialization of digital, mixed signal and power boards, including the mechanical components;
  • design of application software for production support;
  • design of test equipment using the products of National Instruments;
  • qualification of integrated circuits and electronic modules;
  • engineering of dedicated boards, signal generators and test sequences for life cycle and reliability tests.